Did 2020 leave you feeling less confident? These 6 great ideas to be more confident will have you feeling inspired! You will think more clearly. You will see the possibilities as well as feel empowered! Implement these 6 great ideas to be more confident. Feel alive! Take action and take notes! You will see the changes in your body and the changes in your life!

1. Schedule Self-Care

Between working and taking care of a family, it’s hard to remember you. Make sure you schedule some self-care each week. Self-care activities like getting a manicure and going to the gym can improve your confidence.

2. Live in the Present

Staying caught in the past can make it hard for you to function in the present. Don’t allow the past to drag you down or prevent you from being the best you possible. If you need help coping, look for a counselor. If money is tight, search for a therapist who bills on a sliding scale.

3. Practice Positivity

Remaining positive is difficult in tough times. But when you approach a situation positively instead of negatively, you start looking for solutions and are more likely to experience a good outcome.

4. Take a Personality Test

Personality tests are fun and can be enlightening. One of the best tests is the Myers Briggs type (take it free). It will give you an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Your results can also point you toward professions that would be a great fit for you.

5. Make a List of Great Things about Yourself

If you have trouble being confident, make a list of things that make you great. Keep it nearby so when you start feeling down, you can remember all the things that are amazing about you.

6. Keep Growing

Confidence is hard for a lot of people. But those who don’t have it often miss out on a lot by being afraid to take risks. Grow your confidence so you can lead a fuller, happier life.

Explore new techniques, treatments, or remedies to feel empowered. Take responsibility for your health and self-care. Believe it or not, you are worth it!

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