We face troubles in the world every day. This does not help our peace of mind, nor does it promote serenity and inner peace. But it is okay to take your mind off all the bad news. It is okay to not watch the news this week. AND it is okay to take some time for yourself and do something fun! Here are 5 fun things to get your mind off your troubles.

  • Comedy movie night with your family. Grab the popcorn, get a hilarious DVD, or find one on your favorite movie streaming service and just laugh. Laughter is a known healer. According to Mayo Clinic, Laughter is a great form of stress relief, and that’s no joke.”
  • Game night. Games are fun to play in groups, and there are many to choose from, including the good ole tried and true charades. Gather your family or a couple of friends and have a ball.
  • Create a hiking treasure hunt. Find a nature spot near your home and go and hide some stuff out there. Create hints for those you invite to find the stuff and give a prize to the first person to gather everything on the list. This is a great activity that you can do with your kids, family members and friends. It also gets you outdoors where nature can help clear your mind and reduce stress. According to Stress.org research, nature excursions can help alleviate feelings of time pressure and mental stress.”
  • Cook a gourmet meal and have a family formal dinner party. If you like to cook but never had the time, now is a great time to make that gourmet meal. Gather the recipes, go shop and get cooking. Have your family including the kids engage in the cooking and set up process. Get out the fine china and have a formal dinner party with formal attire and all. This is a great experience for the kids to have and something they are not usually exposed to. If you are single, do the same by inviting a couple of friends over.
  • Disco Saturday Night. Create one at home. If you can swing the cost buy a cheap disco ball on eBay, or just get some blue and red light bulbs for your living room. Create a playlist, or perhaps you have some old disco CD’s laying around (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone). Set up a dance floor, turn out the lights, and let the music take you to fun zone!

Use these 5 fun things to get your mind off your troubles. Distract yourself, and have some fun! It’s good for your mind, body, soul, and spirit!

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