Wrap up the year a smarter you. It is no secret that life can be tough. This is especially true for anyone set on living a life of fulfillment and achievement. Probably the most important intrinsic factor responsible for rising above your situation is motivation. Motivation is the one variable that allows you to push yourself when those around you give up and seek out one challenge after another to conquer. If you are currently experiencing a dry spell in the way of motivation or even if you have never thought of yourself as a driven individual, but would like to become one read these 3 helpful steps to be a smarter you.

1. Create a Mission Statement

A mission statement is a great way to seize control of your life. When you have a summary of your goals and motivations, it’s easier to work toward them.

While it may seem obvious, knowing your reasoning and passion behind anything you pursue is critical. When you first set out on a goal or achievement, your “why” for doing so typically starts out pretty clear. However, somewhere in the grind of working towards this goal, this foundation can quickly become obscured.

Make no mistake; any time you are tirelessly working towards something worthwhile, no matter how important, there WILL be days in which you feel less motivated than others. Remaining conscientious of why you started in this first place serves as your second (or third, or fourth) wind to get back up and keep pushing.

2. Be Diligent

People who are diligent and keep trying even in the face of obstacles are more likely to make their goals come true. Be persistent when you’re chasing your dreams and don’t be afraid to keep going after what you want.

No one likes to fail, but everyone fails at some point in their lives. For many people, the fear of failure is paralyzing and stops them from overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals.

The fear of failure creates negative self-talk that keeps people from learning and growing.

Overcoming the fear of failure is a necessary step in achieving personal goals and being successful.

3. Keep a List of Inspiring Quotes

A simple way to become a smarter you is to listen to wisdom that comes from others. Make a list of inspiring quotes and when you’re not sure what your next move is, read through that list for guidance.

All you really need to know is the next step, that’s all. Once you know what you want to achieve; take it step by step. You just have to know the next step. You have to stop yourself. You have to find yourself in this process. You have to clear your mind. Clear your emotions and take action. That is why journaling is so beneficial. It helps you make your thoughts concrete, so you can see them in black and white. So you can feel them, before they’ve actually happened. So you can attract that positive energy back to you. So you can take massive action!

Oprah Winfrey recommends journaling. The process of journaling is so beneficial. It allows you to make a neurological connection to the motor action. The physical part of writing, which is considered meditative journaling, has many benefits. It is known to make learning easier, improve memory, help you be in the present moment, and make your goals a reality. All successful people write their goals because they can see and feel the words come to life. Also, they can refer to their journal for inspiration, for encouragement, and for proof that they have endured, succeeded, and mastered these goals. Try these 3 helpful steps to be a smarter you.

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